Sunday, July 20, 2008

Synchronization with Conduit.

I already talked about Conduit on the other blog. Today I tried it out.

So far I looked at it on Ubuntu, Kurumin and Foresight (Mac). Strangely, on Foresight, it always crashed immediately after I launched it. No such problem on the other two OSes.
There a useful guide on both Conduit and Unison in this PDF which is actually the only serious guide to use of Conduit that I found.
There s a sort of guide here. However, it probably the worst guide Iṽe ever seen from this particular source. Maybe he just wasn't feeling well that day.
Although Conduit is supposed to sync files over MULTIPLE computers, I have seen nothing in the guides about this nor any commands in the GUI to suggest that this is a possibility.
However, I was able to sync between Tomboy and a new folder I opened as a test on the same OS.
In addition, syncing to another OS on the same machine shouldn't be difficult as long as the disk is mounted.
But, I still like to know if, and how, it possible to sync to another computer. Furthermore, does "another" computer mean another on the same network or another anywhere else in the world.
I'll keep looking.

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