Wednesday, July 02, 2008

openSUSE 11.0 continuing improvements

Three interesting developments today:

1. Amarok now plays .wma files. I achieved this by installing amarok-xine from Yast2 and changing the engine from yauap to xine.
2. I had another look at VLC today and, yes, it's a lot better than I thought. You can playlist all of my music files. Plus there a huge selection of radio stations available. Looks good but doesn't have Last.Fm although I read that it will be available in version 0.9.0 while I have version 0.8.6
3. Discovered a nice little app (command-not-found) that gives a lot more helpful information than just "command not found". Had a little trouble getting it installed because something was broken but it's fine now.
Install it as described here. More detail here in the developers blog.

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