Sunday, July 27, 2008

Seems that there's no quick solution to IPv6 problems in Foresight.

The problems are as follows:
1) ping6 doesn't work in Foresight
2) while "/etc/init.d/tspc start" works, "/etc/init.d/tspc stop" seems to do exactly the same thing as start.
Also, ifconfig tun after running "/etc/init.d/tspc stop", shows the tun device to be still operational.
In addition, I got no replies to the two requests I posted which probably indicates that my problem is not general, but specific to some peculiarity of my setup.
Actually, it reminds me a bit of the problems I had first with the installation of Yakuake in Foresight. My first attempt was very much of a gambiarra and never worked properly. However, after discovering that a particular dependency was essential, I got it to work perfectly.
Additionally, I installed tspc today in Kurumin (from the repo) and this worked perfectly right out of the box. Plus, it didn't need any messing around with installation of go6 or iputils for ping6 to work without problems.
This experience is another reason I believe that something is very wrong in Foresight that I'll have to solve myself.

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