Monday, July 28, 2008

Upgraded blog title header

Today I made a significant change to the title header on my other blog. You can see it here (at least, until I change it again).
Or you can just see it in the screenshot.
I had thought about this for some time and it's based on the Book of Kells which was written (mostly) in Ireland about 1200 years ago.
The main font (other than the capital G and C), called the Kells font, I got from here.
Next I needed a capital G and C from the actual Book of Kells. After searching around in Google for a while, I eventually got a page with both letters on it.
The next problem was how to cut out these letters so that they actually looked like letters rather than square cut-outs containing the letters. For this you use Gimp's Foreground Selection Tool. Here's a video on how to use it (although it's called SIOX in the video but it's the very same thing).
Once the letters have been "cut out", they can now be copied (edit>>copy) and pasted (edit>>paste) onto another photo.
In my case, the other photo was a screenshot of the title (missing the capital G and C) made with OpenOffice Word Processor and then cropped in Picasa.
Once I had the title jpg suitably modified it was just a matter of substituting the image I already had in the header (a howto for this is in an earlier post to this blog).
It's sobering to think that whoever painstakingly crafted these two capital letters 1200 years ago using goose feathers and whatever else could not possibly have imagined that they would end up in my blog.

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