Friday, August 15, 2008

Delicious buttons in your personal toolbar

Delicious allows you to bookmark web pages (could, of course, also be videos or music or whatever you want) online. This is cloud computing so your bookmarks are available wherever you are and using whatever platform.
You can also add appropriate tags to your bookmarks so that you can group items in particular categories and so you can easily find what you want.
I've used these buttons in my browser personal bar when they were called "" and find them indispensable.
The site is now called "delicious" and the buttons have been upgraded to versions that are super-fast in comparison to what they were. Essentially they are now instantaneous.
So, if you haven't done so already, you really should change to the new buttons.
To do so:
1. Click on your current "My" button
2. In the upper right-hand side, click on "Save a new bookmark"
3. Now you will see the line "Did you know? Saving bookmarks to Delicious is much easier with our bookmarking tools."
4. Click on the bookmarking tools link
5. Drag the buttons for your browser to your personal bar and delete the old buttons.

Of course, you could save doing all of the initial steps and just click on the link provided in step 4 to get your new buttons.
BTW, you can have the button appear in your toolbar with whatever name you want. Just right-click on the button, choose properties and edit whatever is in the Name box.

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