Friday, August 15, 2008

Flash in Opera 9.51

After I gave up on Intrepid Ibex (alpha 3) on the Mac a while ago, I re-installed Hardy which has worked trouble-free other than a very serious problem I had with Flash in Opera 9.51
Essentially, I couldn't play any flash videos (youtube) at all. Not only that but trying to launch a flash video invariably caused CPU usage to rise to 100% (Top attributed this to Opera). Plus, it became impossible to kill the opera process (used kill, killall and pkill) in an effort to bring the cpu usage to a reasonable value.
Indeed, the only way to get out of this (and it went on for at least 5 hours) was to reboot.
There has been quite a lot of discussion on this flash problem in the Opera forums (Linux section) where the problem seems to be attributable to the fact that Adobe are not in a rush to get Flashplayer perfected for use in Linux (although I've never had a flash problem with Firefox in Linux).
Nevertheless, this blog post proved very informative and useful on this issue.
So, I used the guide in this post to install Flash 10 Beta in Ubuntu 8.04. Now flash seems to work almost perfectly and CPU no longer goes to 100% or anything even close. I did find one youtube video which I couldn't get to play in Opera but did play without problem in Firefox. Not sure what was different about that video.
At least for the moment, everything looks good.
Just to mention that the version of Flash with which I had the major problem was 9.0.124ubuntu2 which I installed from the Ubuntu repos.

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