Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Finally bought the Asus Eee 901

I've talked about this for a while and today I did it.
Well, it's more correct to say that I ordered it. Unfortunately, I still have no firm indication as to when I'll actually get my hands on it.
Let me explain. It seems these things are selling here like hotcakes with the result that many online suppliers just don't have any.
The other thing I was interested in, as always, was in getting as low a price as possible.
I bought it from and what I bought was a black Asus Eee 901 20 GB w/Linux.
I had actually intended to buy a white one but this dealer doesn't do white, only black in this model. But as the price was good, I said I'd forget about the colour particularly as I wasn't buying it to admire it's outside.
The major problem is when am I going to get it? Well, right now they have none and have 48 back-orders (49 if you include mine). However, they're expecting 70 on 23-08-08 although they were at pains to point out that they're was no guarantee about this date. so, it looks like it's a matter of hope for the best but at least I'm on the list.
I paid €382 ( which is not too bad. Other prices were in the range of €412-€440 including delivery.
One problem I have is that I'll be going to Brazil in about 4-5 weeks for a while and hope to be able to bring the Eee with me. Let's see what happens.

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