Thursday, August 07, 2008

More problems with Intrepid Alpha 3

After shutting down Intrepid (MacBook) with apparently everything functioning normally, this morning's stratup was less rosy.
Although it booted, it kept going to a black screen just after the Initial screen (with progress bar) dissappeared. So, couldn't ever login. Thought I was looking at another re-install.
But no, went to Recovery Mode in the boot menu and this gave me a list of recovery options (this is an upgrade from just the TTy1 console screen which was the only thing available historically).
Chose the Fix X Server (or something) option. Then when it had done this, I chose, boot and everything worked fine.
Same problem in later attempts, but after 2-3 blackscreens it eventually booted as normal.
Another problem I see now, is that the internet connection seems extremely slow. As usual this is a DNS problem. Despite having changed /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf to prepend the OpenDNS servers, I only have as the only available DNS server on both my wired and my wireless connections to Intrepid.
Worse, there is NO network option available in Systems>>Administration. So, no other way to change DNS servers.
Wonder when this will be fixed.

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