Thursday, August 07, 2008

Desktop sharing.

I tried out VyewMyPC today and it certainly works.
However, not sure how WELL it works at the moment as it's still in beta.
Nevertheless, I was able to communicate between OSX (MacBOOK) to Foresight (Dell). This allowed me to draw some stuff in the VyewMyPC whiteboard in Foresight which showed up almost immediately on the Mac.
However, soon after, everything seemed to freeze up so I couldn't investigate any further.
However, certainly worth keeping an eye on this as it develops.
Basically it seems to provide a type of communal whiteboard which anybody can scribble on (text, drawing or highlighter). The tutorial says that any of the invitees can see or even participate in doing things on the principal computer's desktop. However, I couldn't see this. Maybe it's something that's coming up.
The free version is limited to something like 10 uploads per month which is not a lot.

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