Sunday, August 03, 2008

NXserver in openSUSE

As VNC worked but gave a disappointing quality of remote screen in the client, I had a look at NXserver in openSUSE.
After some experimentation, I found the best way to install a functioning was to use the NoMachine documentation and this Howto.

The steps are:
1. Download nxclient-3.2.0-14.i386.rpm to the Desktop
2. Download nxnode-3.2.0-11.i386.rpm to the Desktop
3. Download nxserver-3.2.0-13.i386.rpm to the Desktop
4. sudo rpm -i nxclient-3.2.0-14.i386.rpm
5. sudo rpm -i nxnode-3.2.0-11.i386.rpm
6. sudo rpm -i nxserver-3.2.0-13.i386.rpm
7. sudo gedit /usr/NX/etc/server.cfg
uncomment the line
#EnableUserDB = "0"
and change to
EnableUserDB = "1"
Similarly, change the line
EnablePasswordDB = "0"
EnablePasswordDB = "1"
8. sudo /usr/NX/bin/nxserver --useradd "YourUserName" --administrator
You will now be asked for a password
9. On the server, type
sudo nxserver --restart
10. On the client, type
Add the host (IP of server), leave port at 22, select the Desktop Manager and login

Now you should see the remote screen appear on the client screen. Certainly, the NXserver performance is considerably smoother and more pleasing than VNC. However, whereas VNC actually displays the very same screen that is now showing on the server, NXserver shows a new server screen. Also, while in VNC, the client mouse moved around both screens in unison, in NX, the client screen moves only on the remote screen on the client.
Based on my very limited experience so far, I would always opt for NXserver over VNC by a long shot.

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