Sunday, August 03, 2008

VNC in openSUSE 11.0

As I use KDE 4.1 in openSUSE, I used krfb to enable me to communicate with either Ubuntu or Foresight on the Dell.
krfb is available in the K-menu (the Gecko icon) and clicking on it sets krfb running and puts an icon in the panel.
Clicking on this icon opens the krfb dialog where you can create invitations.
For Ubuntu or Foresight (Dell) to connect to openSUSE (Mac), you just type (client)

vncviewer 192.168.1.x

After supplying the password, you'll be connected.
At times, however, I found that connection did not occur but gave a message that the connection was made but apparently broke.
A reboot followed by a retry gave a connection in the few times I tried this.
The quality of the connection was not good, however, in either direction as the windows on the remote desktop wouldn't move.

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