Sunday, August 24, 2008

The search for free online storage

The fact that Xdrive, which offers 5 GB of free online storage, is apparently due to close its doors sometime soon, is a disappointment to me.
The whole cloud computing concept is of great interest to me as it the user no longer has to worry about carrying around CDs/DVDs/USB sticks when travelling and can access all his/her stuff and apps wherever they are in the world.
Online apps are one part of this but another is online storage. Now if you want to pay, fine, there are lots of options (e.g Amazon S3).
But if you prefer to do things on the cheap you may have a problem, not least because the facility where you chose to store all your music and photos for free may not last for ever (as is the case with Xdrive).
Nevertheless, I'm still looking for what options are available.
One is, of course, Gmail where you get more than 6 GB of free storage
Spideroak gives 2 GB of free storage and works on Linux without problem.
Another is Mozy which also provides 2 GB of free storage. However, it's not available for Linux (only Windows and Mac).
I tried another one today which is Openomy. This offers 1 GB of free storage and is reviewed here.
My own assessment of it is not quite so eulogistic. First, although it works in Linux (Ubuntu 8.04 in my case), it doesn't work well in Opera 9.51. Uploading files is impossible in Opera. However, it does work in Firefox -- well, to an extent.
I managed to upload a few small .jpg files (largest was 850 kB), it refused to upload two 4 MB .mp3 files despite trying various times. In additionally, upload of a 5MB .dmg file also failed. So, based on this preliminary assessment, there seems to be problems in uploading anything with much more than 1 MB in size.
Nevertheless, this would potentially allow Openomy to be used for document storage. As only 1 GB is available free, you're not going to be able to store many, if indeed any, full-sized movies.
Of course, everything in this area would change dramatically if the long-awaited Gdrive from Google was finally launched.

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  1. i use gmail for online storage and i use a utility called backup to email to backup stuff to my mail (