Friday, September 12, 2008

Am I ever going to get my Eee?

I had ordered this from on 13-08-2008 because they were the cheapest (€396). At first they only had black Eee 901 20 GB in their catalog, so I ordered it anyway and got an email saying they would receive this in stock on 8-09-2008. OK, that was reasonable.
Then about two week ago, I saw in their online catalog that they were now selling white Eee 901 20 GB so I changed my order having "chatted" to a representative who told me the delivery would be the same as the black one.
Then on 2-09-2008, I got another email saying the delivery to them was now changed by one day. OK, no big deal.
Then last Monday I noticed in their catalog that the white 901 20 GB was still 3-4 weeks away from being in stock. Hmmmm...
So, I chatted with another rep who told me, after what I assume was some research, that the delivery to them would in fact be 30-09-2008.
Oh well, I'd have it waiting when I came back from Brazil.
Then on 10-09-2008, I got another email saying that they now expected delivery on 11-09-2008.
Now this is getting puzzling, so I sent them an email detailing the varied info I was getting from them.
Today, I got another mail telling me that delivery would in fact be 30-09-2008.
Notably none of my communications with them lead to any apology on their part.

Edit (12-09-2008):
Got another email from today telling me that the delivery time for the Eee has changed again to 24-09-2008 this time. That's the third change this week. Wonder what it'll be tomorrow.

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