Thursday, September 11, 2008

Amarok2 on OS X

I have used Amarok2 beta in KuruminNG basically because the deb made for Kubuntu was dead easy to install in KuruminNG.
However, for any OS that doesn't accept debs, you're out of luck and compiling is involved. I had tried to use this rather brief howto in openSUSE 11.0 but failed miserably.
Then I came across what looks to be a very well written and thorough guide to install Amarok 2 in OS X.
So, I tried this today. If nothing else I was going to learn something about compiling stuff in OS X.
First, I downloaded iPhone SDK from here and installed it. Note that this is a 1.4 GB download so you wouldn't want to be short on space (or time).
You can get MacPorts from here. This is less than 1 MB. However, for me, the "port selfupdate" command gave an rsync error without being run with sudo.
The other command (port sync) worked fine.
Note that neither of these command worked without FIRST running this command

echo 'export PATH=/opt/local/bin:/opt/local/sbin:$PATH' >> ~/.profile
source ~/.profile

Now this is where it gets difficult.
To install xine-lib, you must first edit its port file and the guide says
Delete everything up to and including the '\' on that line. That should bring the first item on this line to be lib:libaa:aalib

However, in my case, the '\' was actually the last thing in that line. So running the subsequent command just led to errors.
I posted to the Amarok forum on this, where I provide more detail, but have as yet not received any replies.
I'm very interested to continue this install as I'm sure to learn a lot. Let's see what happens as I'm at a dead end now.

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