Wednesday, September 03, 2008

A big day in OS X troubles

I completely failed to make any progress with the permissions problems I had in the OS X partition on my Mac.
However, I was able to make just a little progress on getting sudo to work just a little better using post #4. Even then it gave some errors on use but did at least sometimes work.
No further progress was made. So, I called AppleCare.
They first advised me to use the install disk and go to DiskUtility from there. Now, erase just the OS X volume and re-install OS X which will not affect the Linux OSes already there.
I tried this for the whole day, trying to erase in various manners. But every time, it would delete the data but get stuck in the very last minute giving this error:

Disk Utility Internal Error
Disk utility has lost its connection with the Disk Management Tool and cannot continue. Please quit and relaunch Disk utility

I even tried this with the 7-pass erase which took four hours but failed in the last minute.
Even after four hours of erasing, the install was refused because of a Volume Check error.
A second AppleCare guy told me to expect this as it looked like the directory structure of the HDD is messed up and I will have to erase the whole disk and just re-install everything.
I started this about six hours ago and I don't think it'll be finished before Sunday.
What's most annoying is that there doesn't seem to be any explanation for what happened. Surely, just a minor change to the permissions on the HD aren't going to mean that you must erase everything and start over from scratch?
In any event, the HDD itself wasn't damaged. Whatever the problem was it was totally software.
Some further points are available in this thread that I started in Ubuntu Forums (Apple Users).

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