Thursday, September 04, 2008

Google Chrome -- I tried it!

Today I booted into Windows XP on my Dell for the sole purpose of trying Google Chrome. This creating quite a stir and actually appeared on Last night's BBC news.
Actually, it reminded me quite a bit of Opera. In particular, I liked the way its new tab page shows miniatures of your most visited webpages. This is basically speeddial but a little more intelligent as you must have shown recent interest in the sites for them to appear in this page.
It's fast, yes, but not blindingly so on my Dell anyway. Really, it's no different to opera in this respect on the basis of this short test.
I like how it can make a desktop shortcut of your chosen webpages.
Also, I was able to put buttons in the personal toolbar, just like in Opera, but in Chrome they're called pages.
Only a Windows version right now but a Mac and a Linux version are supposed to be coming up.
Would I use it as my preferred browser if these version became available? Yes, I really think I would be tempted particularly as it's got most of the things I like about Opera. it's still being rapidly developed and it's Google who are unlikely to not give this their best shot.

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