Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Gmail Notifier in Foresight Linux

Actually, the reason for the last post was that I wanted to install Gmail Notifier in Foresight on my MacBook and it was available in one of the "private" repos. However, it failed ti install and errored out complaining about two dependency problems (I actually went to the trouble of downloading these deps as rpms, using alien to convert them to .tgz files and then untarring them in the / folder.
Unfortunately, this made no difference and the install still errored out because of the same two deps.
Now, I had actually compiled Gmail Notifier from source in Foresight before and it worked fine. But I couldn't find where I wrote that up.
Luckily, I came across this here which provides not just a simple way of installing Gmail Notifier, but it actually seems a better, more colourful version.
Working very nicely for me in Foresight right now.
One thing worth remaking here: I had put the command to start Gmail Notifier on boot into Sessions with this command


but this wouldn't work until I changed the command to

So, during boot, ~ is not recognized as /home/paul. Didn't know that.

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