Wednesday, September 10, 2008

openSUSE 11.0 on the MacBook

Just starting to get openSUSE 11.0 setup on the Mac.
Actually, I find that, particularly with openSUSE, I start clicking around and installing all sorts of unnecessary crap just to get something working -- when I may regret some of the stuff I installed later.
This is particularly the case with getting media players working particularly the codecs.
For the future, I would strongly recommend just installing the repos shown in this guide (although there are quite a lot).
To get the right codecs, I believe I can avoid a lot of needless flailing around just with this command:

sudo zypper in libdvdcss libxine1 w32codec-all k3b-codecs

Nevertheless, even after the correct installs, I couldn't get Amarok to play without a reboot. (I really don't know how many times a reboot in Linux has miraculously resurrected a dying computer)
Things that are working fine in this new install are:
Fusion-icon (need to symlink to ~/.kde4/Autostart)
Opera 9.52
Gmail Notifier (symlinked to ~/.kde4/Autostart)

Media players working are Amarok (1.4) and Banshee1
However, I was unable to compile Amarok 2 beta. Also, I posted to openSUSE forums about how to install Amarok 2 (which works fine in KuruminNG) but have no replies up to now which is ominous.

On the question of sound, I came across this excellent thread on sound problem troubleshooting in openSUSE (actually, it's a tutorial). Worth keeping in mind, should I have problems in the future.

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