Monday, September 22, 2008

My Eee arrived!!!

My long awaited Asustek Eee 901 20 GB White finally arrived today.
Because I was so busy today, I can only really give here my very first impressions. Unfortunately, with my travelling later this week, it could be quite some time before I can get some serious time with this very welcome addition to my hardware.
My first impression was that this is a very good looking machine. Looks solid, durable and well built. I had seen a remark by someone recently that all but the black version of the 901 looked cheap. I honestly cannot at all see how this conclusion was arrived at.
Configuration consisted only in keying in the WEP key for my wireless which was imediately detected.
Everything that I tried seems to work fine. The keyboard is just a little small but it's really no problem for me and I'm not noticing any significant increase in typos. Were my fingers a bit fatter, however, things could get awkward.
I tried Skype (built-in) and had a problem with the microphone. Even when turned up full, the test call replayed my voice only faintly. I'll probably post to the Eeeuser forum about this.
The Xandros Linux OS seems almost like Linux disguised as Windows. Obviously, somebody is trying to make this appealing to a general, non-geeky clientele by simplifying use and hiding nasty things like the terminal.
Indeed, it took me a while to find how to get into the terminal (ctrl-alt-t or File Manager>>Tools>>Open Console Window) but got almost immediate answers when I posted to the Eeeuser forum. Good to know that there's a vibrant forum associated with this great new tool.
There's also an extensive wiki.
I installed Opera 9.60 with just a little difficulty. I had to use the .deb for Etch and this worked fine. I get the impression that Opera is held in high regard by Eee users.
Yakuake doesn't seem to be available for Eee but as the terminal has to be opened with ctrl-alt-t, it's really not a lot different to pressing F12.
Incidentally, to start Opera you press Ctrl-Alt-n.
Didn't really do too much else on this my first Eee day but I'm very excited about what I'm going to learn in the coming weeks and months.

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