Monday, September 22, 2008

Windows XP re-install on Margaret's computer

Margaret is an extremely undisciplined computer user (well, she is only 9). Today, her WinXP started blue-screening.
I tried a lot of things including restoring to a point about 10 days ago, when we didn't have this problem, but all to no avail.
So, nothing for it but to re-install Windows (she dual boots with Ubuntu but has not warmed at all to Linux).
Actually, this is probably no harm as Margaret has downloaded an unbelievable number of free games, at least some from dubious sources, so a little housekeeping is very much in order.
Although my knowledge of Windows systems is not high, re-installing I though should be straightforward.
However, during the install, I had wanted to re-format the partition where Windows was, and was to be re-installed. But, the installer claimed this wasn't possible as the partition was in use. (Didn't understand this but I went ahead anyway thinking that all the old stuff would be overwritten).
However, when the install was complete, no network connections were available in Windows, although they were just as normal in Ubuntu.
During the install, this error had cropped up a total of 17 times (although it never halted the install):

The procedure entry point GetRequestedRuntimeVersion could not be located in the dynamic link library mscoree.dll

So, I googled around and found this which is almost exactly the same as the error I got.
So, as seemed to be recommended, I tried a true "clean install" and first I reformatted the Windows partition as ntfs using Parted Magic.
Then I re-installed XP. This time, all went without any errors.
Nevertheless, when I eventually got Windows up and running there was still no network connection.
I'm stumped and tomorrow is my last day before a six week sojourn in South America.
Maybe, Margaret will just have to get to like Ubuntu.

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