Monday, September 08, 2008

Use wget to download large files.

I didn't know that wget allows you to reconnect after an Internet outage without losing what you might have downloaded already.
Apparently, curl does the same thing in CLI downloads.
There is an openSUSE page which explains all this better but I can't seem to find it now.
In any event, here's some of the information.

"If you find an ISO location like, you can get this image either by using your browser, or with the commands


After an interruption, you can continue the download by adding -c to the wget parameters:
wget -c

Actually, in another document, openSUSE says you don't even need to -c switch to ensure that you don't lose your downloaded stuff in the event of a connection loss. Indeed, this happened to me as my download stopped because I ran out of space. So had to shut the d/l, delete some stuff and restart it. wget restarted exactly where it left off.

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