Sunday, October 19, 2008

Foresight recovery after yet another update disaster.

A while ago I had what's now becoming a familiar problem while updating Foresight Linux 2.0.4 The problem was as usual related to some kind of dependency conflict which would have required some packages to be removed were the update to continue.
This thread in the Foresight forums relates to the same problem although it's still not clear to me exactly why I seem to be continually running into this problem and what I need to do to avoid getting this problem.
The only way I know how to get out of this problem with a freshly updated Foresight is to re-install the OS.
Well, I did try this a few times in the last week with spectacular lack of success. The main problem was that the screen went black (unrecoverably) during the update. This may have arisen because the update actually requires almost four hours (slow internet where I am right now), battery life is 2-3 hours and I was unable to simultaneousely get a wired internet connection and a power cable.
Today I got this solved and the install of the compile tools needed to get madwifi installed (using sudo conary update group-gnome-dist-devel) seemed to be going smoothly (229 of 276 packages installed) when I got this error:

Downloading 229 of 276: 1024KB (17%) of 6015KB at 211KB/sec ...changeset cannot be applied:
applying update would cause errors:
/usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers/ conflicts with a file owned by xf86-video-unichrome:devellib=/[is: x86]

/usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers/ conflicts with a file owned by xf86-video-via:lib=/[is: x86]

So, in any case I then did the update and this went fine without any problems.
After this I went back and completed the compile tools install (only 16 packages remained and all installed without problem).
Now, I was able to install wireless drivers and Yakuake although this latter did cause just a little trouble.
I was unable to install either group-kdebase or group-kde-devel as my password wasn't accepted. Yet using exactly the same password and these terminal commands
sudo conary update group-kdebase
sudo conary update group-kde-devel

the install went smoothly.
As usual however, I couldn't remember the name of the small file storage app that I use to store both yakuake-2.8.1 and libfam-devel.
Well the app is postica (or and here's the link.
Right now Foresight is looking usable again but I really do need to find out how to avoid these traumatic update experiences.

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