Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Amazing -- my EeePC is working perfectly again!

It's almost a week since my dualboot system on the EeePC 901 stopped functioning (as described here) and I was back to only having Xandros (advanced mode) working.
I had contacted Asus about sending the machine back to them and was waiting for a response which, according to their 48 hour policy, was actually due this morning.
My feeling up to now was that some unfixable hardware problem had arisen which caused the screen to go black when the DCIn cable was plugged in or unplugged which situation was only recoverable by rebooting.
Then today I came across this thread referring to a similar, but not identical, problem which offered this solution reported to work for many poeple:

1. Unplug power cable and remove battery
2. Hold down power key for 30 seconds
3. Leave the battery out and plug in power cable
4. Hold down power key for 5 seconds during whuich time the machine should boot
5. If everything looks good, shut down as normal and replace the battery

So, I tried this and when the computer rebooted in step 4, the Grub menu came up. Afetr replacing the battery, and booting into Ubuntu, it seemed that everything was back to normal. Even unplugging and replugging the power cable caused no problems.
Looks like everything is completely back to normal which is marvelous given that I had totally lost all hope of a recovery.

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