Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Some minor fiddling around with Ubuntu Eee

I'm so glad to be able to get back to my dualboot on the EeePC 901. I informed Asus tech Support about it, telling them how I fixed it and saying that I didn't understand how the problem had happened in the first place. They replied, in a very polite letter, that they didn't know either.
Oh well......
Some other minor observations I made today:

1. Webcam works well in Cheese but poorly, if at all in Skype.
When I try the video device test in Skype, the camera light comes on but only a very dark video is seen or no video at all.
2. Slow boot improved by including "clocksource=hpet" in /boot/grub/menu.lst kernel line.
The total time from start to having a usable Desktop was at least two minutes with an extraordinarily long time involved in the Desktop itself sorting itself out.
So, I included the "clocksource=hpet" to the kernel line and it seems to be faster now. However, I'd prefer to wait a few days before drawing any definite conclusions here. Got the idea from this thread.
3. Adamms kernel is already installed?
I had been looking forward for some time to installing the much-vaunted Adamms kernel in my Ubuntu Eee but it seems it's already installed in Ubuntu 8.04.1 So, I can't get the anticpated improvements. nevertheless, the Adamms site contains a lot of useful info from which I'm bound to pick up something interesting.

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