Friday, October 17, 2008

Good and Bad in Foresight Linux

I have a bit more than 6 months experience using Foresight on both my Dell desktop and on my MacBook. Indeed, I had even considered installing it on my EeePC but decided to go for Ubuntu Eee instead.
At this stage I would say that Foresight works well and has few shortcomings.
One of these however, is that I have a major problem with updating it. Because I mess around on a number of computers in quite a few different OSes (all Linux but have OS X and FreeBSD as well),I may be away from Foreesight for a few weeks at a time. It seems that when I update after a prolongued absense, the update may not complete and errors out.
In general, the way I have overcome this problem is to re-install Foresight (using a newer version if available) but without formatting the /home partition.
This has happened to me at least three times and occurred again two days ago.
The error always involves conflicting dependencies.
As I write this, I have just re-installed Foresight 2.0.4 (burned a new DVD) and I'm now in the process of getting madwifi installed so that I can get back to my wireless-only environment.
It's worth bearing in mind that before applying the install guide I published here you need to install subversion and all the conary compilation tools (see the Foresight User Guide under System in the Gnome panel). This will take at least an hour.
Now, as I haven't finished the install and done the updates I don't know yet if this approach has been successful in getting Foresight running normally again.
Just to mention also that after the unsucessful update when I rebooted the mouse (nor the touchpad) would work so essentially Foresight had become almost unusable because of the update.

OK, so that was the bad part. Here's something good.
I had been playing around with Livestation in Ubuntu (on both the Mac and the EeePC) and it works very well. However, in Foresight where it was equally easy to install, i was able to get a full screen (with pretty reasonable quality -- although a long way from HDTV) working very well. Indeed, I was able to watch the Obama-mcCain debate on CNN in full screen on Tuesday night (just before I did the update).
Strangely, I have not been able to get a full screen version in Ubuntu at all which is strange. This needs investigating.

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