Thursday, October 30, 2008

VMware Server working well in Ubuntu Eee

I got VMware Server working on the EeePC in Ubuntu Eee a few days ago as I mentioned here. However, I had a big problem when I tried to go to FullScreen mode and got this error

Unable to find an appropriate host video mode.
Adding the guest mode to the 'display' subsection of the 'screen' section of your /etc/X11/XF86Config and restarting X is likely to help.

Failed to switch to full screen SVGA mode.

It turns out that VMware Server gives this error if the existing screen resolution is LARGER than the fullscreen mode (which is 1024x600 on the EeePC 901). As I was operating at something like 1024x768 in Senryu, attempts to go to fullscreen always gave this error.
However, if the resolution is first of all reduced to something AT or UNDER the fullscreen resolution, then I could readily go to fullscreen without any errors. However, as no 1024x600 was available in the Senryu screen settings, truly fullscreen was not attainable. I had to settle for 800x600 which is not too bad and looks like a "narrow" screen version of the fullscreen.
I posted to the Haiku forum (28-10-2008) on this thinking that I could add the 1024x600 resolution to whatever was the equivalent of /etc/X11/xorg.conf in Haiku/Senryu. However, changing /boot/home/config/settings/kernel/drivers/vesa to
1024 600 24

did not change the screen resolution on startup. So, it seems that /boot/home/config/settings/kernel/drivers/vesa gets rewritten when a change is made to the Senryu screen settings. However, manually changing this file without altering the screen settings has no effect.
In general, Senryu works well. However, vmware-tools cannot be installed because Haiku is not Linux or Windows or OS X but "Other". So this is a real pity. Maybe I'll have to look at running it in VirtualBox although disk space is getting very tight and I may not be able to install another virtualization machine as well as the VMs.
I also found that, at times, Senryu would both load and operate extremely slowly. I have no idea why this happens as without making any changes it works fine again after a reboot.

I also installed the Zenwalk VM from here and this works very well in FullScreen mode. However, once again, it is necessary to select a screen resolution LOWER than the EeePC 901 fullscreen of 1024x600 before going to full screen mode.I chose the nearest which was 1014x568. Strangely, once I got into fullscreen mode, a new rseolution of 1024x600 appeared in the list and I was able to chooese it.
Zenwalk works very well although I cannot get anything to launch from ZenPanel.

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