Friday, November 07, 2008

Compile/Build Haiku VMware Image

Found this howto and tried it out on my EeePC 901 in Ubuntu Eee.
First time I tried it, I had about 2.5 GB available on /dev/sdb3 but this wasn't enough (although the .vmdk and .vmx files together don't come to more than about 600 MB).
The reason is the large amount of Jam build tools you need to install before the compile/build.
Anyway, I used my trusty Nbootlin version of Gparted to squeeze the /dev/sdb1 and /dev/sdb2/ partitions and increase the size of /dev/sdb3 by about 2.5 GB.
Now the compile/build went smoothly although it still took a little more than three hours.
Now I copied the files ~/develop/haiku/trunk/generated/haiku.vmdk and ~/develop/haiku/trunk/3rdparty/vmware/haiku.vmx to ~/virtualmachines/haiku/.
Now I could start Haiku in VMware Server without problems.
However, Haiku in VMware Server, although it operates relatively smoothly (maybe as good as Senryu does in VirtualBox, and certainly better than Senryu in VMware Server) is very unexciting. It looks like a scaled down version of Senryu. For example it has no browsers available and therefore not even Links can be installed.
Indeed, I can't even find if I really have an internet connection althought the Network Monitor does show a green light which is always a good sign.
However, pinging doesn't work. Now in VB, ping doesn't work with a NAT connection while, IIRC, ping DOES work in VMware Server with a NAT, but not a bridged, connection. So, maybe a little investigation might clear this up. If I can ping then perhaps i can use wget to install something like Links which would give me some browsing capability.
Now the link above also allows you to make a ISO image of Haiku which you could use for a native install. However, I'm beginning to wonder why I'd want to do this as it is so very limited.
OTOH, I remember that guy in the Senryu forum saying he was using a native Senryu install on a EeePC and it was very fast. Can't find anywhere a reference to a Senryu ISO so maybe I'll post to that forum and see if he can enlighten me. A fast small native Senryu would be very useful as, even in VB, browsing in Senryu is painfully slow.

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