Monday, November 10, 2008

Trying to install Senryu on a physical partition

Well, after what I said in the last post about the guy in the Senryu/Haiku forum having said he can run Senryu natively from a physical partition (and it runs fast) I just had to see if I could do this.
I've spent two days on this and have not achieved very much. What's more I'm not really seeing any light at the end of the tunnel so I'm not at all counting on getting this done.
Basically everything I've done in relation to this is posted in the Haikuware forum between7-11-2008 and 9-11-2008.
I have to say I'm starting to have doubts about how valid the initial claim was. If it really was so easy to do, I imagine most people would prefer to run a real, rather than a virtual, version of Senryu, particularly if it's noticeably faster. Therefore, why is there not a lot more news, details available about this technique?
Anyway, I also posted to the VMware Server forum on this but have yet to receive any useful replies.

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