Monday, November 10, 2008

Some more VM experience on the EeePC 901

For some incomprehensible reason, I deleted all of my VMs from my vm folder yesterday. What happened was that I had some additional, and pretty useless, Senryu vmdks in this folder and I wanted to do a

rm -rf Senryu*

However, I ended up doing a
rm -rf *

due to a complete mistake which deleted everything from that folder without the intervention of a trash bucket.
So, I had to get these VMs back which actually gave me the opportunity to re-assess how each worked.
First I created Zenwalk from the same source as before. Had the same problem with FullScreen mode, although, in reality, this is the only VM that I can get to work at true FullScreen mode in VMware Server on the EeePC so I shouldn't complain even though it is a bit of a rigmarole to get to it.
Internet is easy to set up (wireless) and just requires ZenPanel>Network Settings to change the DNS servers to OpenDNS and then start up eth1 which is the interface device name it uses.
The only real problem I had was that the mouse froze for 5-10 seconds very frequently and this made use of this VM annoyingly tedious. I changed the config settings of the mouse a number of times in VMware Server but all gave the same problem.
I also emailed the guy who produces all these VMs to see if he was aware of this problem.

I also re-created the Syllable VM just as before and played around with it for a while. As before, I found browsing in Syllable to be excruciatingly slow and I really would find little reason for ever looking at Syllable again. In addition, I can only get 800x600 resolution in VMware Server although wifi works out of the box.
I made the mistake of trying to download Opera in Syllable and this didn't get very far.

On the matter of getting a native install of Senryu on a physical partition (and including it in the EeePCs Grub menu), I sent a detailed letter to the guy Karl in the Senryu/Haiku forum and got a very interesting and potentially useful reply from him (see posts to this forum for 10-11-2008, that's November if you're from the USA).
This, while not providing a clear unequivocal step-by-step newbie guide to doing what he seems to have achieved, does very much suggest that this is not a joke and I'm very anxious to investigaate this with enthusiasm. At the very least, I'm going to learn a lot.

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