Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Installing legacy nVidia 3D graphics driver

In my continuing battle with zenwalk 5.2, today I re-installed it for the fourth or fifth time in just a few days and upgraded by means of netpkg upgrade using a snapshot mirror.
This gave me a kernel.
Next I tried to get Compiz-Fusion to work for which I got a lot of help from the ZW forum. But the first step here is to install the nVidia driver (in my case GeForce4 MX 420 which needs a legacy driver).
First I tried but I couldn't get this to work
Note that the essential steps for the install in ZW are to
i) install kernelsources
ii) go to a TTy (Alt-F2)
iii) shutdown X (init 3)
Then, as root, type


and hope it goes smoothly.
However, for this driver and the kernel, a patch is required. Then I heard that a 96.43.09 legacy driver in Beta was available for download. However, it's a script that has to be downloaded with something like "save linked content as..". But this wouldn't work on this driver. So, finally I tried "save to download folder" and this did work.
After that, it was plain sailing to get it installed.

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