Sunday, November 02, 2008

Other OSes in Ubuntu Eee

OK, up to now I'm dual booting Xandros and Ubuntu Eee on my EeePC 901 as well having Senryu VM in VirtualBox and Zenwalk VM in VMware Server.
So, what other OSes can I squeeze into the 20 GB HDD combo?
I had a look at Syllable which I'd tried out before but never really did much with it particularly as it didn't really seem that impressive.
So, I had a look at it again. First in VirtualBox. However, this was a real dissappointment as it was so slow to be almost unusable. It worked more smoothly in VMware Server but, even so, internet browsing was very slow. I'll have to investigate this and see if some configuration changes can be made to rectify this.
Next I tried out eyeOS which I hadn't used for some time. Note that I just started with the public server version which still had some music and photos I had uploaded 6 months or so ago.
Beyond seeing that it could work and my old account was still active and accessible from my EeePC 901 I didn't do anything else with eyeOS. However, I must look into the benefits of setting up my own server which might just be a useful way to access stuff on my home computers from the EeePC which is likely to be my traveling companion in the future.
Then I tried out Glide OS which is another online OS. Once again, this was easily accessible but I did little or no investigtion beyond that.
Finally, I set up another online OS, desktoptwo. For this I had to allow pop-ups in my browser Opera 9.62 (Tools>>Preferences>>Pop-Ups and change to Open all pop-ups). In addition I had to install Adobe Reader which, for Linux, the installer only seems to come as a rpm file. So, I used alien to convert this to a deb file which worked perfectly.
So, all-in-all I now have a total of eight different OSes available on my EeePC 901 and not one of them is Windows, graças a Deus.

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