Sunday, November 02, 2008

Senryu in VirtualBox in UbuntuEee

As I mentioned yesterday, this works well and seems much smoother than the same VM in VMware Server.
Now it turns out that the ping command that I was using to check for an internet connection doesn't actually work in VB using NAT connections.
When I tried the browser, it turns out I had an internet connection all along. More details in this VB forum post.
I also downloaded and installed Links from here. This works well, is very fast but of course doesn't show any graphics.
I also tried to download/install what seems to be a newer version of Opera_for_BeOS from here. Note that this .bin file must be made executable before it can be installed using a chmod +x command.
However, as of now, i'm not really sure whether it installed at all as it errored out just before it completed the install. I'm going to try this again.
In any event, Firefox ( -- or Bon Echo -- works pretty well in Senryu so at least there's a graphical browser that's available should I need something more than Links.

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