Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Senryu now installed natively on EeePC 901

I had been trying to get this done for almost a month and finally today I succeeded.
Of course, the principal reason for my success was that a raw image of Senryu is now available (since about a week ago) on the Haikuware site.
The steps are:

1. Download the image to Linux (I downloaded to Ubuntu Desktop)
2. Transfer the image to the target partition (I transferred to a 840 MB partition on which I had already built a Haiku image -- so it was already formatted to BeFS although I don't believe this is important). The command is

sudo dd if=/home/paul/Desktop/SenryuPE.image of=/dev/sdb4

3. Now make the partition bootable. Certainly without this step, it did not at all boot from Grub.
sudo jam run ':<build>makebootable' /dev/sdb4

Another thing about this command was that it had to be run from ~/develop/haiku/trunk/ (which i the directory I built to enable me to install Haiku build tools and get the Haiku image built a week or so ago. Running it from anywhere else gave errors about missing Jamfiles and insufficient targets. However, running it from this directory gave this message:
~/develop/haiku/trunk$ sudo jam run ':<build>makebootable' /dev/sdb4
[sudo] password for paul:
...found 1180 target(s)...
...updating 1 target(s)...
RunCommandLine1 run_0
Writing boot code to "/dev/sdb4" (partition offset: 15233218560 bytes, start offset = 0) ...
...updated 1 target(s)...

After that it booted fine with the same /boot/grub/menu.lst entry as I had used for the Haiku image I built on the same partition.

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