Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Haiku on a logical partition?

On my EeePC 901, I already have Xandros, Ubuntu and Senryu in a triple boot system.
However, I wanted more.
So, as there's a severe space shortage on this machine (20 GB total), I decided to try a Haiku raw image as it only takes up less than 500 MB an it will give me an opportunity to compare Haiku with Senryu.
So, I used Gparted to give me 3 primary partitions (Xandrox /home, Ubuntu / and /home), one extended partition and tow logical partitions (750 MB and 450 MB) where I intended to put Senryu and Haiku).
Installing both Senryu and Haiku and making both bootable went very smoothly with no problems at all.
Then I updated the /boot/grub/menu.lst on the Xandrox / to cater for both OSes.
Then I booted and chose Senryu...........but got this error:

Error 12: Invalid device requested

So I changed the menu.lst entry for Senryu to read "rootnoverify (hd1,4)" rather than "root (hd1,4) and booted again. This time I got this error:
Error 18: Selected cylinder exceeds maximum supported by BIOS"

So, this looked like it was telling me that if I could get the Senryu partition (or at least its boot sector) within the first 8 GB of the HDD, it should boot.
So, I went back to Gparted and moved things around so that my extended and logical partitions were at the start of the HDD.
Then I booted again, this time to Haiku but got the Error 12 (even though I used rootnoverify rather than root in menu.lst.
Now, I gave up and got Gparted to take out the extended/logical partitions and reinstitute the fourth primary partition as a home for Senryu.
Now it booted perfectly, first time, no problems.
I conclude that chainloader doesn't work when placed on a logical partition although I can't find very much in Google to help me confirm this.
However, here's a thread from a guy who has 100+ OSes working off grub and 85 of them are chainloaded, of which the vast majority are on logical partitions.
Also, here's an article on perhaps how a logical partition bootloader can be chainloaded.
I also saw something about possible offset errors preventing logical partitions from booting but the errors I get don't seem to suggest this is the problem.
Other possibilities are for me to put Ubuntu / and /home on logical partitions (as I know Ubuntu will boot from there) thus leaving space for two primary partitions for Senryu and Haiku.

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