Sunday, November 16, 2008

Triple booting my EeePC 901

Yes, I finally managed it -- I got Haiku natively installed on a spare partition (/dev/sdb4). After all the problems I had getting this far, this actually went very smoothly including auto-formatting of the partition to BeFS and making the partition bootable.
The procedure I took from here and here(this last I used to get the image to install to the desired partition rather than creating a separate image.
These are the steps needed after pre-preparing the partition (mine was 850 MB -- probably way too big -- and formatted to FAT32 which is probably unnecessary).

sudo apt-get install subversion autoconf automake texinfo flex bison gawk build-essential
mkdir develop
cd develop
mkdir haiku
cd haiku
svn checkout svn:// buildtools
cd buildtools/jam
sudo ./jam0 install
cd ../..
svn checkout trunk
cd ~/develop/haiku/trunk
./configure --build-cross-tools-gcc4 x86 ../buildtools/
cd build/jam

Create a file named UserBuildConfig with this content
HAIKU_IMAGE_NAME = sdb4 ; #change this to reflect the
HAIKU_IMAGE_DIR = /dev ; #location of the target partition

cd ../..
jam -q #the guide recommends no sudo at first and then to
sudo jam -q #run the command again with sudo to install. However,
## I didn't need to do this as I had already changed the ownership of
## all partitions to myself from root.

Now grab the /boot/grub/menu.lst from whichever partition controls the MBR Grub bootloader and add this as a separate entry:
# Haiku on /dev/sdb4
title Haiku
rootnoverify (hd1,3)
chainloader +1

Now, reboot and everything should be fine.
For any further detail, check the two guides.

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