Sunday, November 16, 2008

So, what's to like about native Haiku?

Here are some things I immediately noticed:
1. It boots extremely fast --11 seconds-- and shuts down even quicker
2. Very small footprint (138 MB according to installer and 98 MB according to "df -h")
3. The BeFS partition can be easy included in /etc/fstab (FS=BeFS) and mounted without problem in Linux.
4. However, the mounted partition is purely READ-ONLY. You cannot copy stuff to or download to the drive from Linux. However, I haven't tried copying from BeOS to Linux.
5. In Haiku, DriveSetUp sees all partitions including those formatted to ext2/3 and FAT32 and also sees USB keys.
6. In Haiku, it is extremely easy to mount ext2/3 partitions (from Linux) and copy stuff from them to the Haiku directory tree. This just involves right-clicking on the Desktop and choosing the required option.
All-in-all, I'd love to have this operating well on my EeePC but, unfortunately, neither of the network cards are supported by Haiku.
Here's a 60 minute video on Haiku's philosophy.

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