Monday, November 17, 2008

Zenwalk 5.2 on the Dell

Having just recently experienced Zenwalk 5.2 as a VM, I decided to install it over the old ZW 4.8 I had on the Dell and essentially never use now.
I had forgotten how much I had liked Zenwalk and would like to see if I can get used to it again.
The install went very smoothly, no problems.
I then installed Opera 9.62 from Netpkg.
Later I tried to install Yakuake 2.8.1, so I downloaded the .tar.gz file, untarred it and then tried to configure.
First, it complained of no kde-config. So, I installed kdebase from Netpkg. This seemed to go fine but I still couldn't configure as I got an error referring to lib/gcc (or something like that, I think).
So, I tried to open Netpkg to install whateever was missing (I was thinking of build tools) but Netpkg wouldn't open. From a terminal (xnetpkg) I got an error which starts:

Can't locate ZW/ in @INC

and ends with
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /usr/sbin/xnetpkg line 20.

So, I googled and found this explanation in a ZW forum:
That's because you used a SNAPSHOT repo to do all the installing/upgrading and that way you mixed packages from CURRENT and SNAPSHOT in your system. You should have either used a CURRENT repo or upgraded everything to SNAPSHOT.

What you can do now is use netpkg from cli. With netpkg mirror you can select a CURRENT mirror, with netpkg list D see which packages are available for downgrading and netpkg each one of them.

Or choose a SNAPSHOT mirror and netpkg upgrade everything to SNAPSHOT. Be warned that the new xfce in snapshot is buggy.

So, it seems that snapshot and current are two incaarnations of ZW like Lenny, Sid and Etch in Debian and they shouldn't be mixed. And indeed this is exactly what I had done when installing kdebase.
This ZW forum thread shows how to resolve this issue

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