Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The EeePC 901 Ethernet card

Seems that the card is not, after all, an Attansic card but an Atheros L1 FastEthernet. So, it needs a different driver from the one I've been trying.
Lots of very useful information on this issue here.
In addition, Ithamar actually very quickly created a driver for this card which worked fine for others with the same card.
Unfortunately, after getting my hopes up, it just wouldn't work for me. I just can't understand why. checked the installation method over and over, tried the new driver on both Senryu and Haiku (r28754) on the EeePC901, but in neither did it work.
Really baffled and disappointed on this. However, I know 'll get it working sometime soon even if I have to buy an EeePC 900 where it seems to work.

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