Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Haiku, BeOS and Zeta

I now have three logical partitions on my EeePC 901 (all on 16 GB drive) where I now have in all 7 partitions (Three primary, one extended and three logical).
The "highest" is at 169-200 cylinders and boots OK when Haiku is installed so don't seem to have reached the limit yet.
Today I had in mind to see which other BeOS variants (like Zeta or BeOS itself) were available for an installation attempt on my EeePC 901. However, from what I can see, Zeta is no more although a LiveCD still seems to be available for download here. However, although it seemed to be starting to download, it never actually started despite several attempts. So, it seems Zeta is out of reach.
In contrast, I was able to download BeOS4Linux (R5) from here. After extracting the .tar.gz, I opened the resulting folder and took out the image.be. This, I dd'ed to a 550 MB partition. Then in senryu, I tried to run the makebootable command on this partition but it failed.
Nevertheless, to my amazement, I was able to get BeOS R5 to boot from Grub.
However, on first try, neither the keyboard nor mouse worked (much as happened on the Dell with Haiku, the screen was grey (but had all the icons), got a message saying that my graphics card wasn't supported.
So, on next reboot, hit the spacebar to get some boot options and selected a different video set up (640x480 8bits). This time the Desktop screen was coloured and no message about the graphics card not being supported was received.
However, did get a message about the disk size being too small and there wasn't enough room for a swap file.
Tried various other booting options but none made any difference. The keyboard/mouse remained out of action.

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