Thursday, December 11, 2008

End of the road for Syllable on EeePC?

Yes, I'm starting to believe that this project is going nowhere.
There are several reasons for this:
1. Syllable on my Dell really does not appear that impressive. It certainly doesn't appear to have anything like the speed of Haiku. So, why bother?
2. The last reply I received from the thread I started in the Syllable forum was just a little cantankerous and made what seemed to me to be silly suggestions, but in a very "in your face" manner
3. I contacted the Saunders guy was the one that came up with the dd method to get Syllable installed on the EeePC. I received a reply very quickly. However, it was one line basically saying that he couldn't remember. Not helpful.
4. I emailed the Unetbootin developer asking was there any reason why I couldn't make a Live USB of Syllable using Unetbootin. No reply received.
5. Reading between the lines in this comment from this thread

You can only install Syllable to the main drive of the Eee PC. The extra SD card slot is connected via USB, and the installer locks up for us installing to that. So if you want to keep your main installation, you should free up some space for an extra partition.

and the EeePC-users wiki entry, I'm getting the impression that perhaps Syllable only works on, or can be installed to, the smaller drive (/dev/sda). Now that would be a problem.
Anyway, perhaps its time to call it a day unless some further encouraging information or help is received.

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