Saturday, December 13, 2008

Syllable's not dead yet.

After getting a helpful reply in the syllable forum on how I might be able to install Syllable on my EeePC, I tried again today.
Actually, a lot of the work was within Syllable on the Dell so that it did give me an opportunity to learn quite a bit about this OS.
Details are provided in this thread with some other details here. Other things I learnt are:

1. In Syllable, use unmount rather than umount
2. The network connection seems to fail on boot apparently due to corruption creeping into the network settings. For me on the Dell, what works is:

Static IP
DNS #1
DNS #2
Hosts: syllable localhost

For some reason, many of these change significantly resulting in a loss of Internet.

3. Mounting and formatting a drive or image in Syllable is very easy:
mount /path/to/drive path/to/target

format /path/to/target afs [label]

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