Friday, December 19, 2008

No progress, but made bootable Syllable LiveUSB without Unetbootin

Yes, it was very simple and I just followed this guide (for Gentoo, but I did it in Ubuntu)
The steps are:

1. Create one FAT16 partition on the USB key (I actually created two, both FAT16, using Parted Magic)
2. Mount the key and the Syllable iso to appropriate folders.
3. Copy all the files and folders from the iso to the key
4. Then I went into sudo grub and setup Grub to the mbr of the key.

After this, the key worked the very same as did the key I made with unetbootin.
OK, no big deal, but it might just permit me to make a AFS formatted LiveUSB key for Syllable if i can do this through QEmu.

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