Friday, December 19, 2008

Puppy Linux on the EeePC

Yeah, now I've got a dog in the EeePC.
Puppy is really easy to install (550 MB partition) from a USB key. Actually, I initially used the version (4.4) that's built-in to Unetbootin. However, although it booted fine the mouse pointer wouldn't work.
Then I downloaded version 4.12 (is this earlier or later than 4.4? If it's later shouldn't 4.4 be 4.04?)
In any event, I had no problem making the LiveUSB from Puppy 4.12 and here everything worked fine.
First two things I did were:
1. Change the panel clock from 12-hour to 24-hour (AFAIK, only one country in the world still uses Fahrenheit, pounds weight and 12-hour clock. Maybe Obama will change that too). Link here.
2. Install Dillo 2 usning the pet from here.

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