Sunday, December 14, 2008

Still battling with Syllable

One of the consequences of following Flemming's first suggestion for installing Syllable to the EeePC is that you need to extract (unzip) the file SyllableISO/Packages/base/ to a folder that is already the mountpoint for the imported image of the EeePC partition ready for Syllable.
This just did not work for me despite innumerable attempts (well, at least 10). However, extracting to any other folder that was NOT a mountpoint worked fine, without problems.
Now, I thought that since I have a folder with all the extracted Syllable stuff, it should just be a matter of copying this to the mountpoint folder for my partition image.
So I tried this. However, every time, about half-way through or somewhat less, the computer froze, requiring a hard reboot to get it going again. To add to the problem, during the reboot about half the time a kernel panic occurred requiring a re-install and a complete loss of any files/folders/apps I had already added to Syllable.
This happened whether I used the copy command in a terminal or just drag&dropped the folders to a new folder.
On the other hand again, copying this stuff to a normal directory that is NOT involved as a mountpoint gave no problem.
So, we have to conclude that this is a bug in Syllable or its FS (AFS).
I posted to the forum on this and got (and may get more) interesting replies.

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