Monday, January 19, 2009

Just a small advance on the arduous road to wireless in TC Linux

This guide advises that to compile the rt2860sta driver in Tiny Core Linux requires both compiletc and linux-headers-2.6.26 to be installed. Additionally, it mentions that "The binary needs wpa-supplicant.tce to fully work".
So, I went to the TC tce repo and downloaded the following files to the Ubuntu Desktop:


Then I copied them over to the /home/tc/ in the TC partition.
Each of these then had to be loaded by going to "app browser" and loading each one in turn. All gave success messages.
Then, as explained in the same guide, I tried to compile with

However, this gave me an error
Fetching upstream source of rt2860sta...wget: bad address ''

Afetr all my attempts to overcome the lack of internet connection problem, I still got knocked over by this.
Not sure what I can do next but maybe I'll have to contact the guy that came up with that script.

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