Sunday, January 18, 2009

TinyCore -- installed to HDD but still no internet

I posted to the TinyCore (TC) forum about the internet connection problem and it seems there is a package available for the rt2860 driver. So, I need to look at that.
In any event, installation to the EeePC 901 HD seems essential before I go any further. So I followed the guide in this post and this worked well.
Essentially the steps I used are:
1. Extract tinycore_1.1rc1.iso to the Desktop where a folder named "boot" appears.
2. From the Desktop directory use dd to copy over to TC partition

sudo dd if=boot of=/dev/sdb10

3. Copy both bzImage and tinycore.gz to the / directory
4. (As root)
gunzip tinycore.gz

5 (As root)
cpio -i <tinycore

6. Then, to get TC to boot, I added this stanza to the /boot/grub/menu.lst in /dev/sda1
title Tinycore
root (hd1,9)
kernel /bzImage root=/dev/hdd10

Now, it booted perfectly although I was not particularly impressed with the 35 second boot time for such a small and, as yet, uncluttered OS.
Then, although I was advised in this post that it probably wouldn't work, I copied over the rt2860.tgv file that worked very well in DSL 4.1.2 to the TinyCore partition.
I then untarred it, copied the resulting rt2860sta.o file to /lib/modules/2.6.26-tinycore/kernel/drivers/net/, changed its name to rt2860sta.ko.gz in conformity with the other driver files in this directory.
Then I tried "depmod -a". No problems
Next "modprobe rt2860sta" but got a FATAL error because of incorrect module format.

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