Friday, January 16, 2009

TinyCoreLinux -- and you thought DSL was small

Ever think you could cook up a Linux distro whose iso was around 10 MB? Well, TinyCoreLinux's tinycore_1.0.iso weighs in at 10.4 MB.
This might be very interesting on the EeePC 901 if we can assume that it would fit with all apps and other stuff easily into a partition of 1 GB or perhaps far less. So, you could potentially have another, apparently very fast booting, Linux OS on the EeePC without sacrificing a significant amount of HDD space.
So, I tried it out. Downloaded the 10 MB iso from here and used Unetbootin to create a LiveUSB without any problems.
Then I booted to the USB-key and up came.........well, actually just a blank screen which sort of resembled the plainshot screenshot shown on this page except no icons whatsoever appeared...just the blank screen.
Nevertheless, right-clicking did bring up a menu from which I was able to get a few windows on the Desktop.
I even went as far as configuring the wired network connection but wasn't able to confirm whether I had an internet connection or not as I couldn't find a terminal to do a ping.
There is a distinct DSL-look to TinyCore and the name of one of DSL's top developers on one of the screenshots so obviously there's a connection.
This looks very interesting so I'll need to do some reading.

Edit (just a little later): well, I tried the tinycore_1.1 release candidate but didn't see any real differences. Nevertheless, I did find out how to open a terminal. OTOH, it seems there's no drivers for my Attansic network card. Given that this OS is very Internet or cloud-based, this finding sort of rules it out for the EeePC 901 for the moment anyway.
Pity I would have liked to have had a chance to explore this. Maybe I'll try it on another computer.

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