Friday, January 30, 2009

Moblin now even faster to boot

As I continue flitting around between various new OSes, today I did just a little exploring of Moblin Alpha.
I mentioned yesterday that I was going to create a separate /home partition for Moblin as I have the impression this could be big.
However, rather than re-installing I created a new partition and just copied over the stuff already in the /home directory. This is described here but I did it from Ubuntu and the steps were:
From Ubuntu, I used gparted to shrink the /dev/sdb10 partition to 1.15 GB and then create a new partition (/dev/sdb11) of 730 MB size which I formatted to ext3.
Still in Ubuntu as root (sudo su)

cd /media/sdb10

mv home home.bak

mkdir home

mount -t ext3 /dev/sdb11 home

cp -a home.bak/* home

sudo gedit etc/fstab

Add this line to Moblin's fstab
/dev/sdb11 /home ext3 defaults 0 0

Now reboot and start Moblin. The boot time on my EeePC 901 reduced to 9 seconds making Moblin easily the fastest booting OS of the eight I have on my machine.

Other than that I really haven't discovered anything radically different or noteworthy about Moblin although there's still an awful lot I don't know.
To get flash to work I downloaded Adobes Flash 10 as a .tar.gz, untarred it and transferred the resulting to /usr/lib/opera/plugins/. Thereafter, flash worked perfectly.
To get sound to work, I right-clicked the Volume Control icon in the tray and chose properties. Then in the Device box, I changed the device from default to HDA Intel. Now sound worked fine after fiddling around just a little with the LineOut slider.
I still can't figure out how the network connection is configured although ConnMan is definitely running. As Connman chooses as its only DNS server, I had to add the OpenDNS servers to /etc/resolv.conf and then make this latter file immutable.

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