Sunday, February 01, 2009

Some small improvements

Yes, today I just did a little fiddling around with some minor results.
Moblin Alpha -- Wifi driver compile attempt
Thought about building the rt2860sta wifi driver seeing that its currently not available for teh EeePC 901 (ralink card).
So, downloaded source from here and then used Add/Remove Programs in Moblin to install GCC and Developments tools.
Then I tried Make but although it started off fine, it errored out after about 20 seconds with something like this error

error: ‘struct xxxxxxxxxxx’ has no member named ‘xxxxxx’

I googled around and it seems this error is associated with the 2.6.29-rcx kernel. So perhaps that's why the rt2860sta driver isn't yet available.
Nevertheless, as this OS is very much netbook oriented, I'll be surprised if there's too much delay in getting this driver available.
DSL 4.4.12 Screen Resolution
Just like the problem had in Tiny Core Linux, the "default" screen resolution in DSL is too big and the bottom panel isn't shown. However, using the bootcode "vga=789" which worked so well for TCL, didn't make the slightest difference in DSL. Neither did choosing any of the other boot options presnted in DSL's own menu.lst.
Nevertheless, going to Control panel>>Xvesa and choosing 800x600x24 gave a perfect (seemingly) 1024x600 resolution with bottom panel now available.
However, I can't find how to script this change so that DSL boots up with the correct resolution. Need to research this.
DSL 4.4.12 -- Alternative boot method
Previously, I couldn't get the standard "kernel line" addition to menu.lst to work for DSL so I was forced to use
title DSL 4.1.2
root (hd1,7)
chainloader +1

However, today I found that this works fine as well as allowing bootcodes to be easily added
title DSL 4.4.12
root (0x80,0)
kernel /boot/dsl/linux24 root=/dev/hdd8 vga=786

Unfortunately, the bootcode in this example doesn't work for reasons I don't understand.
Tiny Core Linux -- Persistent Home +PPI
This post recommends Persistent Home + PPI for fastest boots in TCL. Persistent home seems to be nothing more than a separate /home partition. So, I set this up on the existing PPI/TCE op mode and this gave no trouble. Boot time however became 45 seconds which is no improvement at all (maybe even a little worse). Indeed given taht Moblin boots in an amazing 8-9 seconds, 45 s seems positively slow.

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