Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Recover sound in Windows XP after re-install

Over the last two or three days I've been posting stuff about my attempts to get Windows 7 Beta installed on a Dell E520. I'm amazed by how much the hits to my blogs have increased because of this. So, maybe if I stayed with Windows I could finally earn some money out of this blogging thing? However, I think I'd prefer to be sane than rich so I'll stay with the apparently more boring *nix stuff.
Anyway, I announced that I have a triple boot, grub-controlled system on a Dell E520 that works fine other than I couldn't get sound to work in Windows XP.
Well, that was relatively easy to fix.
Seems the problem was the Dell external speakers had no driver (High Definition Audio Device). So, I went to the Dell driver download page for the E520 (where else?) and got the Audio SigmaTel driver.
Thereafter, sound worked perfectly.
However, on boot up, I began to get an error message as follows:

sstray.exe Entry point not found
The procedure entry point LocalizeString could not be located in the dynamic link library

I found some comments that this error was associated with the SigmaTel driver but no resolution was provided.
I tried uninstalling and then reinstalling the driver but this made no difference.
After hunting around for a while more, I found that sstray.exe is actually included in msconfig/startup. So, I disabled it and the problem went away without any adverse consequence that I can see so far.

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